Product Development

A cornerstone of the Nordland success story has been its ability to provide customised product solutions across all industries and, in particular, in the demanding challenges of explosion proof lighting.

With the dynamic changes and ongoing technical advancement in LED lighting, the capability to develop products efficiently and effectively to meet our customers applications is a key part of the Nordland offering.

Our product development team of specialist lighting engineers, luminaire designers and decades of experience in developing and manufacturing customised solutions together with our culture of ingenuity, adaptability and a spectrum of skills, processes, and inhouse resources enable Nordland to be innovative, creative, and bring valuable solutions to market.

Nordland’s product development capability extends into the broader ecosystem where we utilise our strategic International and local supplier networks to provide best practise and the most technically advanced solutions.

Our customised solutions with a structured, holistic approach, are designed to not only provide effective lighting but simultaneously provide long term, sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly results.

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