Lighting Designs

Our highly experienced team of IESSA accredited professional lighting designers have the expertise to assist our clients on their lighting design no matter how complex. Their training and experience will ensure that outcomes will not only meet the OHS standards required but in addition will ensure that it is achieved in a cost effective way.

The process of a lighting design commences with an assessment of the client's needs and obtaining drawings of the space to be lit. This includes an analysis of the space's function, the type of activities that will take place in the space, and the relevant standards of safety required in that space. In determining the design a designer will take into account the environmental factors and operating conditions that will impact on a luminaires performance over time.

Once the preliminary assessment is complete, the lighting designer will use simulation software to create a lighting plan that includes the type and placement of fixtures, the type of lighting control systems, and the energy efficiency of the design to meet the recommended lux levels required.

By engaging our team of specialists clients can ensure that their lighting system meets their specific needs and requirements and is optimized for energy efficiency and cost savings

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