Lighting Services

Value Added Service

We pride ourselves in the way in which we carry out a number of value-added services for our partners and Customer’s from inception to post-installation.

Area Zoning

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering our Customer’s area zoning to ensure the correct lighting is used in the right area. It is imperative to distinguish between different zones and the different lighting requirements to maintain ISO and OHS accreditations. read more

Lighting Designs

With more than 50 years’ experience in the lighting industry Nordland Lighting also offers lighting design for both industrial and commercial projects, both new and old, as per the specifications to ensure the lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and ISO and OHS accredited. read more

Lighting Audits

It is in our Customer’s best interest to identify if there are a sufficient number of lights as per the required standards per square meter and the amount of Luminaires being utilised for that specific area and make recommendations thereof. We also assist our Customer’s with the option to reduce their total output to ensure a more cost- effective solution. read more

Product Development

Nordland Lighting is equipped with an in-house R&D test laboratory where we continuously review international trends and test new and innovative ideas to continually be at the forefront of lighting design and quality performance. read more

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