Lighting Design

Nordland(Pty)Ltd. provides a full array of lighting design services to offer our customers and end users guidance on lighting solutions for their specific requirements.

Nordland (Pty)Ltd. Dedicated lighting design team includes a qualified accredited lighting practitioner accredited by the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA). Our team utilises the latest lighting design software and combines decades of experience across all lighting disciplines.

norland lighting design

We provide a quick turnaround solutions using different lighting application illustrated by ACAD drawings. Our design system complies with all relevant Occupational, Health and Safety regulations (OHS Act), as well as with SABS standards.

Nordland (Pty)Ltd. recently acquired a new goniophotometer to produce luminous intensity curves, photometric data sheets for all of our products, as well measurements of luminous flux of lamps. The electronically intensity tables can be read in IES or Eulum data formats.