Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hazardous(Ex) Zone?

A hazardous zone is an environment where explosive gasses or dusts are present in concentrations that could ignite and cause fires and/or explosions. A hazardous zone is classified under 1 of 6 types of Zones. Zone 0,1 or 2 for explosive gas atmospheres and Zone 20,21 or 22 for explosive dust atmospheres.

How is a Gas Zone Classified?

  • Zone 0 is an area which has a constant/permanent explosive gas atmosphere (Think inside a petrol tank)
  • Zone 1 is an area which under normal operating conditions an explosive gas atmosphere is present (Think someone uses a container to hourly/daily pour diesel from the tank above)
  • Zone 2 is an area which under abnormal operating conditions an explosive gas atmosphere is present (Think someone transfers and spills diesel from the container mentioned above)

How is a Dust Zone Classified?

  • Zone 20 is an area where explosive conductive dusts are present (Electrically conductive dusts, such as powdered aluminium or magnesium)
  • Zone 21 is an area where explosive non-conductive dusts are present (Non-conductive dusts, such as Sugar or Flour)
  • Zone 22 is an area where combustible flying’s are present (such as textiles, cotton and wood cutting)

Who is responsible to have a classification done?

The plant or mine owner is responsible to do the classification

Does Ex equipment always come with an IA certificate?

Yes, This Certificate is the property of the Client and must be supplied with any piece of Ex equipment purchased.

Can I replace my Ex-fitting's fluorescent lamps with LED tubes?

Under NO circumstances is this allowed. This is what is called a modification to a luminaire and that will invalidate the IA certification immediately and render the equipment non-Ex.

What is the difference between maintenance, repair, and modification?

Maintenance is the replacement of lamps (like for like) and cleaning, checking gland seals, etc. Repair is if a part (i.e. a ballast) fails and needs to be replaced. Then the equipment must be repaired by a competent person (SANS 60079-19 compliant). Modification is ANY change that is made that was not as per the original OEM manufacturer's design. This includes drilling holes in IP rated fittings, replacing lamps with LED lamps, making modifications to the wiring inside the luminaire to through wire them etc.

Can Nordland make a change on Ex equipment (i.e. get a Dali LED driver and use it)

Yes, but there will have to be a re-certification done on the LED driver, an IA certificate needs to be issued for the change and the luminaire needs an IA certificate revision to reflect these changes, at an additional cost.

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