Coal mining operations present some of the harshest working conditions in the world. With a complete lack of space, severely confined spaces, the presence of dangerous machinery and concentrations of methane produced from the mining process, their requirements for hardware, particularly where lighting is concerned, are very specific.
Here we will discuss some of these dangers, and how they are met by high-quality LED lighting for mines.


Challenges Presented by the Environment
The environment in which coal mining takes place presents a number of challenges that need to be circumvented with the implementation of the correct lighting.

These challenges can be catalogued as follows:
A Dynamic Environment
The nature of the terrain under ground makes for a dangerous environment. With sudden changes and tripping, falling and slipping hazards, there is a need for a lighting solution that allows workers to navigate the underground terrain safely and effectively.

Vision Obscuring Dust
Mining operations typically produce a lot of dust in subterranean working environments. This can present a number of challenges, particularly with regards to how it obscures the vision of mine workers.

Confined Spaces
Confined spaces make it difficult to implement certain lighting solutions in mines, since there is not enough space for them. These confined spaces also equate to less light entering the mine, which often results in total and complete darkness.

Unreflective Surfaces
Not all lighting solutions are practical for use in mines, where lighting from the lower spectrum is required for ambient illumination. This can be difficult to get right, however, as mining surfaces generally don’t reflect light very well.

Implications of Poor-Quality Lighting in Mines
The above challenges pose a number of implications if not correctly addressed.
Productivity will definitely be affected wherever there is an absence of illumination, but this stands to reason.

Personal safety is a major concern, however, for a number of reasons. 19% of all non-fatal (but operation halting) accidents occur as a result of slips, falls and trips due to inadequate lighting.

Furthermore, the build-up of methane in mines is a concern where lighting is needed, as lighting solutions need to be intrinsically safe to ensure that when they come into contact with methane pockets, that there are no explosions or ignitions from these heat sources.

Meeting Challenges with LED Lights for Mines
LED lighting for mines meet these challenges amicably. They are designed to produce little to no heat, making them explosion proof. 

They produce light from the lower spectrum of ambient lighting which provides workers with better visibility in confined spaces; resulting in fewer accidents as a consequence of obscured vision.

Furthermore, they are remarkably energy efficient, meeting the challenge of keeping lights consistently powered when they need to be.

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