Different Types of LightsIn the 19th century, the very first incandescent lamp was invented by two gentleman, Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan. Since then, there has been many improvements in different types of bulbs and their efficiencies. There are several types of lights and they have all been designed with a considered image in mind. Main types of bulbs are commonly found in the lighting systems of offices, homes or factories. The performance of a light depends on the bulb, different light bulbs create different lighting effects.

A lamp is a device that creates light by an electrical current, and is a form of artificial lighting. Lights are important for a lighting system and present effective lighting. Usually, electrical lights are powered by centrally generated electrical power. If main lights bomb out, lights can also be powered by batteries, cell phones or generators.


These are standard bulbs that many people are familiar with. Incandescent bulbs are offered in a wide range of voltages and sizes. This light bulb glows and creates heat when electricity travels through the tungsten filament inside the bulb. Incandescent light bulbs generate a steady heat, which is suitable for household applications. The luminous efficiency of these light bulbs is around 15 lumens per watt.

Compact Fluorescent

A compact fluorescent bulb is a modern kind of light bulb that operates like a fluorescent. This light contains mercury, which leads to difficulties when disposing. Most compact fluorescents consist of around two or three tubular loops, and sometimes look similar to incandescent bulbs. These bulbs cannot be used with dimmers, and can last for around 10 000 hours. The luminous efficiency of this kind of bulb is around 60 lumens per watt.


The halogen bulb consists of tungsten filament, which is closed with a transparent envelop and filled with inert gas and small amounts of halogen. Halogen lamps are smaller than most. The luminous efficiency of the halogen is 25 lumens per watt.

Metal Halide

Metal halide bulbs include a discharge tube or arc tube in the bulb. These tubes can be created from either quartz or ceramic and contains mercury. Metal halide lamps create an impressive amount of light for their size, and are one of the most effective. These lamps are commonly found in halls, stages and traffic lights.

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