Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers

Raymond Nel, general manager at Nordland Lighting for the past two years, has been in the electrical industry for the past decade. With an extensive background in electronics, the transition to the electrical industry was easy for Raymond. His proven his business acumen coupled with an egalitarian management style encourages his team to take ownership of their responsibilities and inspires loyalty and commitment. Dynamic and forward-thinking, Raymond is excited about new LED products specifically for hazardous area and the new doors that are being opened as LED technology advances. Sparks: Where…

Exclusive for African Power Mining & Oil Review

Nordland Lighting still shining brightly after 50 years of innovation Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Nordland Lighting is continuing its strong tradition of local innovation by launching its first Zone 2 LED luminaires for mining, oil & gas and petrochemical applications. The industrial and hazardous lighting specialist is also making these new luminaires available in stainless steel for specific requirements, in addition to launching die-cast aluminium bulkhead Zone 2 LED luminaires. “There is a definite move towards LED technology in industrial and hazardous lighting, due…

Nordland (Pty) Ltd lights up the Northcliff Country Club Squash courts

Nordland (Pty) Ltd had been approached by the Northcliff Country Club to upgrade the lighting on their squash courts facilities. The challenge was to replace the existing 9, old T12 open channel 2.4m long 75w fluorescent luminaires with a more energy efficient light source, and yet maintain, or better the illumination levels required for a club level squash court. BEFORE AFTER The original installation provided an average illumination level of approximately 500 Lux with a total power consumption of 1485 watts. The new installation of 12 surface mounted enclosed LED luminaires provides an average…