What is Explosion Proof lighting?

Hazardous locations are defined as any area where there are high concentrations of combustible particles in the air that may cause an explosion or fire. These flammable materials include, but are not limited to, liquids, dust, gasses and some fibres. Whenever these hazards are present, employees must use specially designed equipment to avoid the chance of igniting any of these materials. Two kinds of fixtures are certified for use in hazardous areas, intrinsically safe fixtures and explosion-proof lights. Intrinsically safe fixtures are extremely low powered and cannot produce enough heat or spark…

LED Street Lights

We all know about street lights, they let us know if there are general power outages at night, they help us feel safer because we can see better when we travel at night, and they help us navigate through the roads at night by making everything else more visible, such as road works, other cars, and pedestrians. These lights are burning every night for long hours, and that eventually has its toll on the environment as it runs on a lot of electricity, and they can be costly to replace. Thankfully there are different street light solutions that are arising. LED Street Lights As the world changes and…