A lot more goes into the right industrial lighting solution than you may realise, and when working in a hazardous environment, these considerations become all the more complex. Finding the right lighting for your industrial setting requires a knowledge of what makes it hazardous, so that a solution that works to keep the environment protected can be used. 

So let’s take a moment to understand the aspects that make an area a hazardous one.

Obscured Hazards and Obstacles
Each factory or industrial setting comes with its own unique hazards where layout and equipment are concerned.

Poorly lit areas make this all the more dangerous, since personnel are unable to navigate dangerous spaces safely if they cannot see clearly. 

For any areas where dangerous equipment is being used, or even where the layout of the floor incorporates steps or obstacles, the area needs to be clearly lit.


Volatile or Combustible Materials
Where plants or factories are working with and handling hazardous materials, specialised lighting should be used to avoid these liquids, vapours and fibres from becoming dangerous. 

Much of the time, these materials can mix with just the right amount of oxygen to pose a risk of combustion when they come into contact with a heat source, and when they do, the entire facility, its equipment and all personnel are at serious risk.

Hazardous lighting solutions that are designed specifically for these types of environments should always be used in such a setting.

Get the Right Lighting for Your Protection 
In areas that pose the dangers mentioned above, facilities need to have the correct lighting solutions in place to ensure that the facility is kept safe. 

Hazardous lighting solutions ensure that materials in the air are kept away from the light, which is, after all, an ignition source, significantly reducing the risk of any unfortunate events. 

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