The very first street light, then referred to as the “electric candle”, was developed in 1875. A street light is a source of light, raised from the ground on the edge of a road. These days, street lights have light sensitive photocells that switch on only when light is needed.

Street lights are said to be a benefit beyond being able to see in the dark. It is proven that lighting in residential and industrial areas reduces crime and car accidents. An LED has a life span of up to 100 000 hours, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Because LED street lights are energy efficient, this means they are advocated as a means of decreasing the amount of carbon emissions.

Advantages of LED Street Lights:

  • Highly environmentally friendly: LED street lights protect energy as well as contribute towards a better environment.
  • Longer life time: These lights last up to 15 years.
  • Give streets more life: Compared to the incandescent light, LED street lights last 25 times longer.
  • No heavy glare: The lights can be directed to a specific area, which is mainly the road. This means that drivers will not be harmed by the glare in their eyes.
  • RoHS compliance: This means that LED street lights are safe and does not release poisonous fumes when the light is damaged. The street lights do not contain any mercury or lead. Exposure to mercury leads to mercury poisoning, which may result in taking someone’s life.
  • Full brightness: Unlike other kinds of light sources, LED’s attain brightness simultaneously without flickering.
  • Work easily in freezing weather: LED lights are able to work with ease in extremely cold weather.
  • Durable and shock resistant: To stand in all kinds of weather conditions, street lights need to be tough. In windy conditions, objects may be thrown around, resulting in damaging a normal street light. LED street lamps have a high resistance to shock, which avoids damage happening.

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