Light Emitting Diode

LED lights are an electrical component that emits light through electrons in a semiconductor device. It does not have as much filament, using less power and has a long lifespan. LED lights produce a greater amount of light than incandescent lights and help preserve energy. These diodes are able to emit light of an intended colour without needing colour filters.


A fluorescent bulb is a gas discharge tube that utilises fluorescence to create visible light. Luminous efficiency of the fluorescent tube is around 45 to 100 lumens per watt. Compared to incandescent lights, these lights use less power for the exact amount of light. Fluorescent bulbs do not have a good colour ability, but are cool in appearance and colour.


A neon light is a gas-discharged light that contains gas at low pressures. It is constructed by mounting two electrodes in a small glass envelop. Standard brightness bulbs are filled with a neon or argon gas mixture, as well as high-brightness lights filled with pure neon gas. When a voltage is applied, gas ionizes and starts glowing, allowing a small current to travel through.

High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Metal halide, self-ballasted-mercury lamps, mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium lamps are all high intensity discharge lamps. These kinds of lamps are specifically designed with inner glass tubers that have tungsten electrodes with electrical arc. These lights create a large amount of light compares to traditional lights. High intensity discharge lights are commonly used when high amounts of light are required over large areas, this may include pathways, gyms, roadways and parking lots.\

Low Pressure Sodium Lamp

This light is the first sodium lamp that has the maximum efficiency than other lighting systems. These lights operate similar to fluorescents and have a brief heating up period before the light reaches full brightness. Low pressure sodium lamps are usually used in roads and parking lots where colour is not needed.

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