The functionalities of lighting surpass just illuminating an environment. In certain spaces, lighting is crucial for safety regulations as well as an effective marketing tool. When choosing lighting for an industrial, commercial or office space, safety, ambience and marketing purposes always need apt consideration.
Lighting in an Industrial Space
When selecting lights for an industrial space, safety has to be one of the main concerns. Depending on the type of factory or warehouse, the lights themselves often have to be waterproof and dustproof as the tiniest particles of either could cause explosions or safety hazards with terrible repercussions.

Speaking of safety, since industrial spaces frequently require precision hand-work with dangerous chemicals or tools, it is imperative that spaces are sufficiently illuminated.

Lighting for Commercial Spaces
In commercial environments, lighting has to be selected with consumer safety as well as consumer experience in mind. For retailers, lighting is an important part of marketing the commercial space and getting products or services broadcasted. For shoppers, lighting is often a crucial component for brand recognition.


In commercial spaces, lighting is also used as a safety tool to indicate emergency exits, stairs or other hazards. It is crucial that retailers have this as it also ensures they are protected.

Lighting for Office Spaces
In an office environment, the same safety procedures apply. Emergency exit points and hazards have to be well marked to protect clients, employers and employees alike. Lighting is a wonderful way of doing this and ensuring that any safety warnings are clearly marked.

Lighting also plays a crucial role in making an environment inviting and giving it a professional atmosphere.

Illuminating Any Environment
Whether your expertise lie in industrial, commercial or office environments, selecting the right lighting for the best safety, ambience, marketing and professional outcomes is an important decision and crucial component of the functionality of your work space. For sound advice on industrial, commercial and office lighting, contact Nordland Lighting or visit their website.