A great benefit in using Nordland Lighting LED lights is the fact that you will not need as many lights in your space, due to the fact that they are designed in order to provide you with focused lighting, in the area which they are most needed, opposed to a spread light.

Less is essentially more in this way as lighting technology has improved in such a way that you can do what you need to do with fewer LED lights.

What this does is not only ensure that you are using the right amount of lights for your tasks, but that you are also using less energy consumption, decreasing the amount of electricity you will be using.

Nordland Lighting believes that by limiting the amount of energy and electricity you are using, they are helping you to be as environmentally conscious and sustainable, in terms of your light usage, as possible.


LED lights are also designed using the latest lighting technology in order to be as low temperature as possible, emitting low heat in the area, which ensures that the equipment and machinery surrounding the area does not have to work harder to overcome the temperature caused by the lighting.

The lighting system will also use metal heat sinks in order to remove any of the heat which is being emitted.

This decrease in heat and heat expenditure is great in that it allows the LED lights to have an extended service life, meaning that it is able to last for a much longer time than other types of lighting systems.

Another thing to note is that LED lights do not contain mercury, something which is known to have a lot of negative environmental and individual impact, if exposure to it is severe.

There is also a benefit in that the LED lights, due to lighting technology, has no UV radiation, which is a huge plus for those involved in the sector, as well as helping your business limit its environmental impact.

This is why Nordland Lighting is so proud to be supplying a multitude of industries, both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.