LED lights have changed the conventional lighting market for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, their extremely long lifespans, minimalized energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs. With the price of lamps and lighting fixtures continuing to fall, most facility managers are upgrading their lighting systems to LED lights. The following are eight advantages for all shop decision makers to consider.

Energy Efficient

Unlike traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options, LED lights utilise 50% less electricity resulting in a considerable amount on energy cost savings. This is a great benefit for stores that are open for extended periods, as electricity costs are not greatly affected. LED lights aim light in an exact direction, which results in reduced wasted light and energy.

Extended Life

LED lights do not “burn out” like incandescent lighting does, they only dim over a while. The expected lifespan of good quality LED lights is 30 000 – 50 000 hours or may even be longer. Because LEDs have a longer operational life, they reduce labour costs of having to replace bulbs. This results in achieving a lower maintenance system.

Cold Temperature Operation

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lights love cold weather. At cold temperatures fluorescent lamps require a higher voltage to start, which decreased the intensity of the light. LED lights, on the other hand, increases performance as temperatures drop. This allows LED lights to operate in cold temperatures for refrigerated displays, cold storage spaces, outdoor signage and parking lots. LED lights that operate in -5 °C acquire a 5% higher efficacy compared to operation in 25 °C.


LED lights are incredibly breakage resistant to vibrations and other impacts. Traditional lights contain a glass which can be vulnerable to damage. LED lights are not protected by any glass.

Instantly Switched On

Most fluorescent lights don’t provide maximum brightness the minute they are switched on. LED lights on the other hand, switch one at 100% brightness instantly. This can be advantageous for retailers following a power outage or opening the store at early hours of the morning.


LED lights are compatible with controls. Most LED lights are able to be dimmed to 10% of light output.

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