Different Types of Lights

In the 19th century, the very first incandescent lamp was invented by two gentleman, Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan. Since then, there has been many improvements in different types of bulbs and their efficiencies. There are several types of lights and they have all been designed with a considered image in mind. Main types of bulbs are commonly found in the lighting systems of offices, homes or factories. The performance of a light depends on the bulb, different light bulbs create different lighting effects. A lamp is a device that creates light by an electrical current, and is a form of artificial…

More on Different Types of Lights

Light Emitting Diode LED lights are an electrical component that emits light through electrons in a semiconductor device. It does not have as much filament, using less power and has a long lifespan. LED lights produce a greater amount of light than incandescent lights and help preserve energy. These diodes are able to emit light of an intended colour without needing colour filters. Fluorescent A fluorescent bulb is a gas discharge tube that utilises fluorescence to create visible light. Luminous efficiency of the fluorescent tube is around 45 to 100 lumens per watt. Compared to incandescent lights,…