The Appropriate lighting for Hazardous Zones

If you operate a potentially hazardous working environment, then it is up to you to ensure that workplace accidents are kept to an absolute minimum. Statistics on workplace accidents in South Africa suggest that while only 10% of all accidents are the result of unsafe working conditions, 88% of all incidents are the result of an employee’s actions, or lack thereof. This could be due to negligence or ill instruction, or it could be that hazardous zones were not clearly marked so that they could be easily avoided or navigated when need be. A big part of ensuring workplace safety is to ensure that…

Benefits of LED Industrial Lighting

Selecting the correct type of industrial lighting for your operations will help you save money and energy, but will also ensure that all areas ore correctly lit so that accidents can be easily avoided at the workplace. There are a great many lighting solutions out there that are well-suited to industrial applications, but very few of them come with the extensive list of benefits offered by LED systems. So, if you have been skirting on finally investing in LEDs and are just looking for that nudge forward, here are a few of the top advantages to using LED industrial lighting. LED Lighting is extremely…