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How to Light a Warehouse

How to light a warehouseThere is no means to be made out of warehouse lighting. This is simply just a cost that organisations need to bear as, after all, warehouses are necessary load to a business. So, should we keep the lighting cost to a minimum?

Well, it mainly depends on how systematic a business requires its distribution network to be. By spending as little as you could on lighting is a fool’s errand. The less you spend on lighting, the more will be spent on dealing with damaged goods, returns and general incompetence. This is because warehouse staff prefer to see what they are doing.

Buy Quality Lights

Don’t be enticed by purchasing the cheapest fittings on offer; they could come at an unforeseen price. The new generation of lighting fixtures are announcing high figures in the amount of light that is delivered per Watt. But these figures should be considered alongside the method in which the light in delivered. With high-level shelving, operators need to see clearly of their surroundings and especially the upper areas of the shelves. But, looking up to brilliant lighting fixtures is a problem and may become dangerous.

Get What You Need to Get the Job done Correctly

There are design assistants that assist with recommending the perfect lighting levels for your warehouse. These levels are constructed on the level of detail that is expected from the warehouse staff. If your pickers are under stress to keep up with delivery schedules, it would assist them as well as the business.

If you are fortunate enough to have automated processes that don’t require staff, you need to remember that machines also require some care occasionally. Therefore, a lighting installation would assist in getting the job done faster.

If you are looking for excellent quality lighting fixtures for your warehouse, contact Nordland Lighting for a range of lighting solutions! We offer commercial and industrial LED lighting as well as hazardous lighting at the best prices. Visit our website and enquire online for a quotation today!


What is Explosion Proof lighting?

What is Explosion Proof lighting?

Hazardous locations are defined as any area where there are high concentrations of combustible particles in the air that may cause an explosion or fire. These flammable materials include, but are not limited to, liquids, dust, gasses and some fibres. Whenever these hazards are present, employees must use specially designed equipment to avoid the chance of igniting any of these materials.

Two kinds of fixtures are certified for use in hazardous areas, intrinsically safe fixtures and explosion-proof lights. Intrinsically safe fixtures are extremely low powered and cannot produce enough heat or spark to ignite the flammable particulates. Explosion-proof lighting works by ensuring ignition of the flammable airborne specks in the fixture keeping the remains contained inside.

In a typical lighting fixture, the contacts, bulb, wiring and switches are exposed to the atmosphere. The spark from a movement of the switch, and even the heat of the bulb can be enough to create a flammable atmosphere. In a flammable proof lighting fixture, any explosion that may happen is contained inside of the fixture itself.

Most people presume that these installations work by having a seal around the bulb as well as any switches so as to not allow flammable specks to become exposed to a spark or heat. This isn’t correct. More correctly, the fixture lets a small amount of air to flow within the fixture, and should be combustible pieces ignite, the fixture is designed in such a way that it will contain the flame inside the fixture housing.

The kind of lights required in a hazardous area is fixed on by the kind of flammable materials that will be in the air where the fixtures are going to be used.

Nordland Lighting manufactures a large range of explosion proof lighting. Visit our website for more information today or contact us for a quotation!


LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights We all know about street lights, they let us know if there are general power outages at night, they help us feel safer because we can see better when we travel at night, and they help us navigate through the roads at night by making everything else more visible, such as road works, other cars, and pedestrians. These lights are burning every night for long hours, and that eventually has its toll on the environment as it runs on a lot of electricity, and they can be costly to replace. Thankfully there are different street light solutions that are arising.

LED Street Lights

As the world changes and we are looking for more alternative means of living our lives that are more beneficial to our health, the planet’s health and to ease up any high demands on our non-renewable natural resources. And LED lights are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. We have been finding more uses for them as they offer more versatile lighting than more traditional light bulbs, such as florescent or incandescent light.

The Advantages of LED Street Lights

There are a few advantages to using LED lights in our street lights. This includes that this type of lighting has a longer life span than the current lights that we are using to light our way home. Which means less time will be spent without light, as well as less time will be spent replacing them. They are environmentally friendly as they do not waste energy as they use only 15% of a tradition street light. They light up the environment a lot better than traditional street lights. They do not produce the amount of heat that others do.


To get the best street lighting for your business and premises, LED lighting has so many great reasons to say yes to it. Nordland offers great LED street lights, as well as other lighting solutions that are there to help you see through the dark in any environment. Visit their website today to find the best lighting fit for you.

Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting

Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting

Organisations today are under immense pressure to increase energy efficiency, improve safety and reduce costs across operations. Industrial LED lighting assists in achieving all three. Below are a number of advantages LED lights can offer to your industrial space.

Energy Efficient:

LED lights are the most energy efficient lighting solution that is available in the market today. By upgrade your current, inefficient lighting fixtures to Nordland Lighting’s LEDs, you are able to reduce your area’s energy consumption by 75%. In addition, with improved quality of light and smarter design, you are able to light the same space with fewer lighting fixtures, increasing your energy savings even more.

Saving Costs: By installing industrial LED lighting fixtures, you will realize your cost-savings immediately, resulting in improving your bottom-line. Besides reducing energy costs, you will save on replacement and maintenance costs, equipment rentals and downtime.

Safety: Eliminating the high-risk maintenance and replacement requirements of traditional systems, the possibility for workplace accidents can be reduced. Not to mention brighter lighting and a balanced light distribution on the ground can result to fewer trips and falls.

Operating Life:

One of the best advantages of installing LED lights is the long operating life. Most fixtures have a lifespan of over 50 000 hours. That is around 10 years of continuous operation with a minimum of 70% lumen brightness. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, industrial LED lights do not flicker or burn out. Instead, LED lights gradually fade over time.

Maintenance: Industrial LED lighting fixtures are basically maintenance free, this means less time and costs spent in replacing light bulbs – as well as operational downtime costs involved.

Improved Lighting Quality: LED lights offer a dramatic lighting upgrade over traditional lights. These lights deliver brighter lighting that assists in improving productivity and safety.

Durability: Since LED lights are a solid technology, there are no bulbs to break. This makes the lighting fixtures ideal lighting solutions for all industrial environments. They are resistance to vibration and shock, and will continue working through getting knocked around.

Looking for LED lighting for your industrial space? Contact Nordland Lighting for more information on our excellent quality products and great prices today!

The Science of Architectural Lighting Design

The Science of Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design merges two professional characteristics into one in order to create an attractive, energy efficient and productive environment in commercial and industrial spaces. These two characteristics include a creative eye that adds to the aesthetics of a space, as well as a scientific mind that understands the various properties of lighting, and how they differ with varying lighting solutions. But what exactly is architectural lighting design; an art or a science? Well, it is both of them, and when done properly should be concerned with three key areas of lighting: creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, using ergonomics and lighting to boost productivity, as well as making use of solutions that are efficient, cost effective, and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Adding to Aesthetics

Aesthetics is where the lighting technician’s creative eye is needed. One of the first functions of commercial lighting is to create an appealing space that keeps employees comfortable while being attractive to prospective clients (especially where retail lighting is concerned). It is often best for the lighting technician to coordinate with the building’s architecture to find solutions that either bring the lighting to the foreground or whether it should be subtler.

Fostering Productivity

This is where the science of lighting comes in; well part of it anyway. Ergonomics is the study of human productivity in the workplace, and when mixed with lighting, it concerns the science of how lighting effects productivity, moral and work-ethic. Favourable, well-planned out lighting will foster a better working environment, either by creating a warmer environment, or simply shedding light on products in process at any time of day.

Creating an Energy Efficient Environment

One of the most important features of lighting design is its impact on energy consumption. Commerce, and in particular, lighting make up for a large percentage of South Africa’s power consumption, and our grid is already under immense strain. Because of this, it is, and should be, the responsibility of business owners to do what they can to alleviate the problem; and with assistance from the correct architectural lighting designer, a business can cut their own expenses while making a palpable difference to the environment.

Contact Nordland Lighting for Details

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