LED Lighting For Your Boardroom

Boardroom lighting

Boardrooms are a hub for many companies. This is because many meetings, whether they are formal or informal, are taking place in those boardrooms. Either the staff will be meeting in there, training is being done, or new business deals are being made. The boardroom is more often in use than it is not. This means that companies and businesses should be investing in energy saving LED lighting to keep their environment lit and business ready, while saving electricity and money. There is no good reason why any business should not invest in LED lighting.

The Benefits Of LED Lighting

In today’s day and age of business, businesses are becoming more and more aware of the environments that they exist in and the roles that they play towards social and environmental sustainability. This is why LED lights are great for businesses, it is part of a small change that has a great impact. Firstly, they are energy saving. This means that you save money because you do not use as much electricity. Secondly, they have a great lifespan, they last longer than regular lights bulbs. Thirdly, you do not get the heat or annoying buzz noises as you do with other light bulbs.

Lighting Up Your Business

You will not be sacrificing any means of lighting ability and visibility when you and your business invest in LED lighting for your boardroom or any other aspect of your business. There will be nothing but benefits to this switch. It might seem as if it is a large task to invest in new lighting, however, this can be done gradually and in stages, or all at once. The choice is yours. However, it is definitely something that every business should invest in. Especially in a room where the lights are constantly burning.

Nordland Lighting

If you are looking for a large variety of LED lighting for your commercial usage, do not look any further than Nordland Lighting. They offer a variety of lighting solutions for a variety of industries and a variety of needs. This ranges from commercial needs to industrial and site lighting needs. Contact them today to get the best lighting for your needs.

What are Led Lights Used For?

What are Led Lights Used For?

LED lights are the now and future of household Lighting. These lights are just like other types of household lighting, but LED lights last much longer than traditional lighting. Unlike Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), LED lights do not contain mercury that could be spilled if dropped, making them a safer choice for household use.


LEDs, which are also known as Light Emitting Diodes, burn light 90 percent more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. LEDs work by passing an electrical current through a microchip, which causes tiny light emitting diodes to illuminate.


LED Lights in your Home


LED lights can last for years before they will need to be changed. According to history, a typical LED light that burns an average of three hours a day will last 22 years. There's an LED light for nearly every lamp you own, including accent lighting, track lighting, lamp and outdoor sport lightings.


Signs, Displays and Exhibits


LED lights are becoming the solution for exhibit and sign builders because of the fact that they have proven to be far more energy efficient and long lasting. There is a wide range of ways to bring LED lighting into signage, even if it is in the back light channel letters.


For your Business


LED lighting for business applications are as broad as in household applications, because there are endless ways you are able to incorporate this kind of lighting in your offices. Businesses don’t realize how much money they could spend on electricity bills by swapping their traditional lighting fixtures to LED lights.




Unlike CLFs, LED lights are easy to dispose of. Used LED lights may be recycled. Recycling is a great idea for the health of the environment.  Many prefer LED lights because CLFs have about four milligrams of mercury in each bulb. If a CFL bulb breaks, you will need to clean the area immediately


Looking for LED lights at excellent prices? Here at Nordland Lighting, we produce and export a large amount of luminaires including hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Our products include industrial lighting, commercial lighting, LED luminaires, prison luminaires and more! Enquire online for more information today!

LED Flood Lights vs Halogen Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights vs Halogen Flood Lights


Flood lights are a great thing and they help us in so many ways. However, they generally have a few disadvantages to them. As with many things there are pros that get complimented by cons. But thanks to LED light technology and using that in flood lights, a few of those disadvantages disappear. Flood lights are great in small scale uses as well as large scale uses. This includes in natural disasters, in community programs such as night time sports events, or keeping workers safe on those late nights that they have to work or even outdoor performances, or just illuminating our backyards.

Halogen Flood Lights

Halogen lights are not as great of a source of light compared to LED lights. Halogen lights produce a lot of heat and that could bring about a few safety hazards in the case of it over heating. Halogen is expensive as it consumes a lot of energy, and for it to be wasted in the by-product of heat is not great for the environment. The halogen bulb creates a lot of gas which gets pressurised in the heat and have the tendency to shatter. This will not be safe when falling from great heights. They also tend to have short life spans of about 6 months or less, this is costly and time consuming.

LED Flood Lights

LED lights offer many great benefits that run deeper than just the household light. LED lights are known to produce less heat energy; this makes a huge impact when it comes to flood lights and the environment. LED lights have a longer lifespan than other lightbulbs, which means less money and time are spent on replacing them. LED lights are low energy using lights, which is great for the environment and on cost. The fact that they are producing less heat means that they are less of a fire risk because they do not overheat.

Nordland Lighting

LED lights are better to use in the case of flood lights as well as various other instances of lighting choices. If you are looking for great LED flood lighting be sure to contact Nordland Lighting. Or feel free to view their wide range of lighting options that will perfectly meet your business, home or any other lighting needs you may have.

How to Light a Warehouse

How to light a warehouseThere is no means to be made out of warehouse lighting. This is simply just a cost that organisations need to bear as, after all, warehouses are necessary load to a business. So, should we keep the lighting cost to a minimum?

Well, it mainly depends on how systematic a business requires its distribution network to be. By spending as little as you could on lighting is a fool’s errand. The less you spend on lighting, the more will be spent on dealing with damaged goods, returns and general incompetence. This is because warehouse staff prefer to see what they are doing.

Buy Quality Lights

Don’t be enticed by purchasing the cheapest fittings on offer; they could come at an unforeseen price. The new generation of lighting fixtures are announcing high figures in the amount of light that is delivered per Watt. But these figures should be considered alongside the method in which the light in delivered. With high-level shelving, operators need to see clearly of their surroundings and especially the upper areas of the shelves. But, looking up to brilliant lighting fixtures is a problem and may become dangerous.

Get What You Need to Get the Job done Correctly

There are design assistants that assist with recommending the perfect lighting levels for your warehouse. These levels are constructed on the level of detail that is expected from the warehouse staff. If your pickers are under stress to keep up with delivery schedules, it would assist them as well as the business.

If you are fortunate enough to have automated processes that don’t require staff, you need to remember that machines also require some care occasionally. Therefore, a lighting installation would assist in getting the job done faster.

If you are looking for excellent quality lighting fixtures for your warehouse, contact Nordland Lighting for a range of lighting solutions! We offer commercial and industrial LED lighting as well as hazardous lighting at the best prices. Visit our website and enquire online for a quotation today!


What is Explosion Proof lighting?

What is Explosion Proof lighting?

Hazardous locations are defined as any area where there are high concentrations of combustible particles in the air that may cause an explosion or fire. These flammable materials include, but are not limited to, liquids, dust, gasses and some fibres. Whenever these hazards are present, employees must use specially designed equipment to avoid the chance of igniting any of these materials.

Two kinds of fixtures are certified for use in hazardous areas, intrinsically safe fixtures and explosion-proof lights. Intrinsically safe fixtures are extremely low powered and cannot produce enough heat or spark to ignite the flammable particulates. Explosion-proof lighting works by ensuring ignition of the flammable airborne specks in the fixture keeping the remains contained inside.

In a typical lighting fixture, the contacts, bulb, wiring and switches are exposed to the atmosphere. The spark from a movement of the switch, and even the heat of the bulb can be enough to create a flammable atmosphere. In a flammable proof lighting fixture, any explosion that may happen is contained inside of the fixture itself.

Most people presume that these installations work by having a seal around the bulb as well as any switches so as to not allow flammable specks to become exposed to a spark or heat. This isn’t correct. More correctly, the fixture lets a small amount of air to flow within the fixture, and should be combustible pieces ignite, the fixture is designed in such a way that it will contain the flame inside the fixture housing.

The kind of lights required in a hazardous area is fixed on by the kind of flammable materials that will be in the air where the fixtures are going to be used.

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